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What happened in the episode which is making everyone go all weird? :)



I’m just going to summarise because I don’t want to get sucked back into the debate!

The fandom has split down the middle. One half takes issue with how consent was handled in 3x04, the other half see no issue.

Basically, the former believe that Danny slipping was not cool because he should’ve asked. They also believe that while the episode was at least heading to a resolution to the whole consent issue, said resolution was undermined by the ‘asking sucks’ comment (which, yes, was meant jokingly but that adds to the undermining part).

The latter believe that these things happen in relationships and loved the episode. They also believe the former should just chill.

I’ve tried to sum this up as objectively as possible!

But, whichever side you personally fall on, you can see why this has caused a lot of debate! I’ve only ever seen people get irate when their opinion is thought of as insignificant (some people have very personal reasons for feeling the way they do about the episode and I don’t believe it’s fair at all to belittle that). 

Does that help, dear nonny? :)

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DMs are private. Whatever people are discussing in private is no one's business except for the people involved. It's not up for public debate. It says more about the anons bringing this up than those DMing.


I was thinking that. Private messages won’t have any effect on ratings etc because, well, it’s private. 

Also, I know I’ve probably stated this a million times already, but people are capable of making their own decisions. No one’s being strongarmed here. Even if there were encouragement via DMs…well, people can ignore that if they wish?

I’m inclined to believe there may be some miscommunication going on within these DMs - I say this because none of the major TMP blogs who had a problem with the episode have acted like this. They could have, in theory, sent me similar messages knowing I wouldn’t make that kind of thing public - but they haven’t.

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As a person who didn't like the ep, I can definitely say that I've seen one regular "fan" encourage people to stop watching (mainly on twitter). That's where a lot of the discord is coming from. Plus they have a major TMP blog on here, so its been really sucky to witness. I didn't like I slipped, but talking down to people who did and encouraging fans and possible new fans to not watch is not cool. (Your responses have been great, btw)


Fair enough. I’m not personally seeing this kind of behaviour from any fans so I obviously don’t feel qualified to comment on said encouragement (and if it’s done through private DMs, I don’t feel it’s my place to, if you know what I mean?)

I haven’t seen people being intentionally condescending (unless confronted with the same attitude to begin with) to fans who liked the episode. I certainly haven’t (intentionally) been condescending to said fans and wouldn’t support that kind of public condescension in other fans, no matter how close I am with them.

If this is the case then, yes, it’s bad. But as someone who has talked to a lot of people with major TMP blogs about the episode - I’m not personally seeing this. I’m not blindly defending people - I just can’t comment on something I haven’t seen. I’m not sticking my fingers in my ears here! :)

Also, thank you!

(I have literally no idea whether all you anons are the same person or different but thank you all (or one) for being pretty respectful about this!) 

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Whether it's everyone or not (and it's not), it's still a pretty crappy thing to do, trying to convince people that they should stop enjoying and/or watching a show that they love just because you don't anymore.


Well, alright. I haven’t personally been encouraged in this way by anyone. But I’d still imagine people are capable of making up their own minds regardless of any such encouragement? No one’s being forced to watch/not watch TMP so I don’t see there being any real harm. 

We’re all adults here and we’re all capable of making our own decisions, aye?

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The person I know of has been doing it privately, through DM on Twitter. That's why you haven't seen it.


Ah. Well, isn’t that a different matter if they’re not doing it publicly? Or do you think that they’re DMing everyone?

(I’m so lost in all of this!)

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I'm not going to call out anyone specific because, to be honest, that just feels like drama for drama's sake, but there IS at least one person (I only know of one) who's been encouraging others to stop watching the show. And a few who've said they would prefer the show to be cancelled than continue in the direction it's going.


Ok, I haven’t been seeing anyone encouraging others to stop watching. I’ve talked to a few people about the episode in depth and they haven’t been of that opinion. Is it a ‘regular’ in this fandom? (Not saying you’re lying, I don’t see everything about TMP on tumblr so may just have missed this.)

Preferring the show to be cancelled, imo, is another issue. It’s not so much that people are wishing for people to lose their jobs (everyone has different TMP actors they adore regardless of what they think of 3x04) but that, with the thin ice the show is still on, they don’t care if it gets cancelled. In other words, they’re not going to upset if the show is cancelled if it continues in the same vein as 3x04. That makes more sense in my head probably? But there is a difference in that it isn’t malicious.

If people are actively encouraging people to stop watching the show then I’m not by any means defending that kind of behaviour. But there’s only so much explanation I can offer regarding something I haven’t seen though!

(Thanks for being a respectful nonny though!)

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This fandom upsets me to no end. You petition for a show for months and then give up on it because you didn’t like ONE episode? What a weak character trait. Giving up too easily.

So don’t watch the show. We need viewers but I think we really need viewers that care. And no, I’m not saying you need to love EVERY SECOND of this show. However, hating on something more than enjoying it is not being a FAN of something.

You need to understand that these are people’s jobs. It’s employment. Do you have to watch the show? No. But you shouldn’t DARE petition for OTHER people to not watch the show. You’re basically petitioning for people to lose their jobs. And that’s really fucking unfair to them. You know damn well they have all worked so hard. Don’t purposely or forcefully take it away from them.

I can’t believe I’m still discussing or ranting about this but don’t be selfish. If you don’t like something, don’t do it, watch it, whatever it may be. You don’t need to participate in something you don’t want to do. But don’t ruin it for other people.

No one is ‘giving up’. No one is petitioning for other people to NOT watch the show. Basically no one is doing what you’re accusing them of so I don’t see the point of this rant at all.


To the “fan” that confronted Mindy in a public forum and led the press to attacking The Mindy Project…

You are what Steve Bartman was to the Chicago Cubs in the 2003 playoffs…

If the show gets cancelled, we’re not gonna blame the ratings. We’re gonna blame you.

Just had to say it out loud.

Give it a fucking rest.

There was criticism before then. You know that, I know that, everyone fucking knows that.

I know who the fan was that ‘confronted’ Mindy and I can say with absolute certainty that, yes, she is a fan. She has been nothing short of respectful and lovely. And she wasn’t at all rude to Mindy. She had every right to ask about the fucking episode! If Mindy doesn’t want to address the comment properly that’s her prerogative. Don’t go around blaming other fans just because you prefer to blindly defend Mindy all the time. She’s not perfect - stop acting like she is. Stop turning on one fan who dared to ask an important question. 

Your passive-aggressive attitude has been more draining than people engaging in respectful debate. Cut it out. You’re tired of this debate? Then simply don’t engage.